Infrastructure Surveying Services
At GM2 Associates, Inc. , we provide a variety of services specifically geared toward municipal infrastructure.

ROW Surveys
We prepare maps for city blocks, local streets, highways, bridges, railways, parks and other locales including commercial development. Our survey maps include metes and bounds description of the ROW, acquisition maps, easements, and right-of-way maps.  We secure deeds, title information, tax maps, building department survey maps, and other pertinent information.

Location Drawings
A location drawing locates, describes and represents the positions of buildings and other improvements. While it does not provide accurate identification of property lines, it may be used for title transfers or securing financing.

Utility Surveys
This plan is used to locate underground utilities and is critical for infrastructure improvement projects such as the design of roadways, electric and gas mains, and sewer, drain systems and water mains. We contact all utility companies and compile all available information, conforming to ASCE Standard 38-02, Quality Level C.

Topographic Surveys
Topographic surveys are the main element of a base map used for projects.  They depict the physical characteristics of a site including buildings, curbing, utilities, spot elevations, and contours of the land, streams, ditches, and other improvements.  A combination of boundary and topographic surveying is used in the design and development of subdivisions and commercial parcels.

As-Constructed Surveys
Surveys locating newly constructed foundations, final construction, or under construction improvements are usually required by government agencies and lending institutions.

Construction Stakeout
This document is a layout for the field control to use  in the construction of roads, buildings, and subdivision infrastructure.