Commercial Surveying Services

At GM2 Associates, Inc. , we provide a variety of services specifically geared toward the commercial client or project.

Boundary Surveys
We prepare boundary/property line maps for public building sites, city blocks, local streets, highways, bridges, railways, parks and other locales including commercial development.  Do you need exact boundaries and corners of a parcel or land?  Our survey maps include metes and bounds description of the property, acquisition maps, easements, and right-of-way maps.  We secure deeds, title information, tax maps, building department survey maps, and other pertinent information.

Topographic Surveys
Topographic surveys are the main element of a base map used for projects.  They depict the physical characteristics of a site including buildings, curbing, utilities, spot elevations, and contours of the land, streams, ditches, and other improvements.  A combination of boundary and topographic surveying is used in the design and development of subdivisions and commercial parcels.

Subdivision Surveys
Any time land is to be divided from another property, a subdivision plat must be prepared, approved, and recorded within the land records of the appropriate county.

As-Constructed Surveys
Surveys locating newly constructed foundations, final construction, or under construction improvements are usually required by government agencies and lending institutions.

Site Plans
A site plan is used to obtain a building permit. It shows the construction plan, all proposed construction; such as dwellings, additions, sheds, and fences.

Construction Stakeout
During construction of a commercial site, many items are being installed. We can provide locations for all proposed activities associated with the building, walls, utilities, or even landscaping. This assures that all design components are installed at the appropriate locations.

Location Drawings
A location drawing locates, describes and represents the positions of buildings and other improvements. While it does not provide accurate identification of property lines, it may be used for title transfers or securing financing.

Bathymetric Surveys
Projects adjacent to our waterways sometimes require detailed surveys beneath the waters surface. Understanding the bathymetry beneath the water can provide helpful insight into placing docks, piers, or boat ramps. We have the tools to get the information you need. Utilizing GPS, Robotic Total Stations, and Echo Sounders, we map the bottom quickly and efficiently. We can assist you with determining Mean Low Water elevations to be sure your watercraft has the depth needed to safely moor to your dock.

Utility Surveys
This plan is used to locate underground utilities and is critical for infrastructure improvement projects such as the design of roadways, electric and gas mains, and sewer, drain systems and water mains. We contact all utility companies and compile all available information, conforming to ASCE Standard 38-02, Quality Level C.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
When financing is involved in a commercial project, the lender normally requests that an ALTA Survey be performed. This survey entails showing the existing property, easements, and other matters affecting the property. Sometimes even proposed conditions may be shown.

Elevation Survey or LOMA / eLOMA
When a project falls within a known Flood Zone published by FEMA, an Elevation Certificate may need to be prepared in order to show the elevations of a proposed structure or property. This assists those entities that may require that flood insurance be carried on the property/structure. An Elevation Certificate can also define the appropriate risk that it may be subject to. If an Elevation Survey is performed and determines that the structure is OUTSIDE a flood zone, a LOMA or Letter Of Map Amendment can be prepared in order to have FEMA declare that the structure is in fact out of the Flood Zone. We are subscribed to the Flood Map Service which allows us to generate eLOMA’s, or electronic LOMA’s quickly.