Lighthouse Land Surveying llc 


Connecting our echo sounders to our GPS RTK system gives us real-time results and on datums needed to provide MLLW, MHHW or MSL

Echo Sounders

We can fit our echo sounders to any watercraft to map any size water body

Bathymetric Surveys

Projects adjacent to our waterways sometimes require detailed surveys beneath the waters surface. Understanding the bathymetry beneath the water can provide helpful insight into placing docks, piers, or boat ramps.

We have the tools to get the information you need. Utilizing GPS, RoboticTotal Stations, and Echo Sounders, we map the bottom quickly and efficiently.

We can assist you with determining Mean Low Water elevations to be sure your watercraft has the depth needed to safely moor to your dock.

Let us help!

Robotic Total Stations

Along with mapping the bottom, we can perform topographic surveys on land to provide a seamless existing conditions survey to assist in determining the best place to put that new dock!

Providing guidance through the fog…